Failed politiking & a dose of religion, too | Along the (head)Lines

In Along the (head)Lines on 25 January 2011 at 7:57 am

Officials still unaware of who was behind the Moscow Airport bombing. But one thing is clear: “They’d like to be bombing planes and they can’t, so they’re bombing airports.” [NYT]

Among the dead from the bombing is former acclaimed writer Anna Yablonskaya, one of the “new young voices of Russian drama.” [BBC]

Rahm Emanuel ousted from Chicago’s mayoral ballot: “Mr. Emanuel failed to meet a state code stipulating that candidates for mayor reside in the city they hope to lead for at least a full year before an election.” [NYT]

Who will get the Presidential nod at this evening’s State of the Union address? [Washington Post]

Creating jobs is the State of the Union’s “number one focus.” [BBC]

Hezbollah and allies won enough support for candidate Najib Miqati as leader of Lebanon, “unleashing angry protests.” Final ballot will be cast Tuesday. [NYT]

Australia charges three Indonesian men for the Christmas Island shipwreck last month: “The three men – aged 22, 60 and 32 – were charged with ‘facilitating the bringing to Australia of a group of five or more persons’, police said.” [BBC]

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Stand off yesterday between Hydra Lacy Jr., “a 39-year-old convict and registered sex offender,” and police lasted 7 hours. []

Preachers to save souls at Gasparilla this weekend. James Lyman: “Our hope is that they’ll see their sinfulness and repent.” []

Storms brewing in Tampa Bay. [TBO]

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It’s a love story, baby please say yes. [A Cup of Jo]


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