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In musing on 28 March 2011 at 11:40 pm

As far as work ethic goes, we all prefer the muse. At least I do.

But as another Meredith told me recently, muses don’t exist. Neither does writers block. No excuses. And since her name was Meredith, I put away my defensive missiles and flat out believed her. I have such great faith in fellow Merediths.

But instead of the academic grind, the meandering journey of discovery is quite preferable. It’s why I frequently pause in the middle of something – scribbling lyrical thoughts in margins, writing ideas on post it notes, creating drafts of links to elaborate later. Somehow it’s meaningful, entertaining the muse that delightfully interrupts, but never shows up when truly needed.

It’s the creative in me, and in all of us who share this attraction to distraction, thinking that penning down an idea will get me somewhere, one day.

If nothing else, it makes all of this academic (or not) nonsense endurable. It doesn’t speak much for productivity, but then again, we aren’t machines. Be vulnerable to being human, and see where it leads you. Give a little, and open your eyes to the return.

And like many things, one thing stands for something else. Meandering isn’t only about work ethic, it’s also about me. It’s about the moments when your life becomes penetrable, and you decide to dive in, to indulge. To let your consciousness pour forth. Let your becoming become being.

When I look back at this, I’ll laugh a bit at this moment of drama, in which I think my thoughts are bazaar and Inspired at once. Looking back, I will see that they are instead mundane and quite irrelevant.

The muse muses, and teases too. But like all things addicting and sweet, for the meantime, it’s still quite enjoyable.


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