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In Techno-logy on 5 April 2011 at 10:41 pm

As always, when there is plenty to do, I tend to find plenty of better things to do.

I haven’t ever written about self-discipline, or about stress in general, but I have always remembered Matt Richtel’s work which describes technology as “little lions” that bite for your attention, constantly warping you one way or another, and giving you bursts of sensation whenever you get a text message, email, or an instagram like.

I’m completely guilty. I can’t last more than an hour without getting incredibly antsy, for lack of phone. So, for want of peace of mind, and in an attempt for more discipline, tomorrow I start phone fast.

I’m leaving my phone at home, and committing to not using it for all of tomorrow, midnight to midnight.

What to expect? I am sure that halfway through the day I will consider taking a lunch break just to obtain my cell phone; I am also bringing my journal in lieu of my phone so that I can write about the life crisis that tomorrow could be.

I will probably blog more, read more, but hopefully, after the initial desperation wares off, I will be a calmer, more content Meredith.

And maybe more productive.


11.26 AM Half the day without my phone has passed. I have given myself some leeway, having checked my Facebook and my e-mail earlier this morning. I will undoubtedly check my e-mail later today.

But overall, I feel calmer, and more productive. I have made myself busy all morning, partly to manage the self-discipline effort, but also because I don’t have my phone to meander on. Instead of checking email twitter facebook instagram nyt text messages, I have done homework, talked to more people, been more engaged, written more … which though they are equally distracting, are more permanent.

But like Neil Postman said, you always go back to it. I am already thinking about having my phone again. …

6:00 PM Going the whole day … being busy at school, at work, and everywhere, it was fun. It really was. I felt a sense of calm, a sense of hierarchy, knowing that every time someone else’s phone rang, it wasn’t mine. There was a slight problem of the time, but not really, because my neurotic brain generally knows that.

But I’m finished, I’m over it. With nothing too interesting in my e-mail, or on my facebook, or even on twitter, I am certain that my phone, wherever it is hidden, is being blown up with attempts to get ahold of me, be it trips to the mall, or getting frozen yogurt, or dinner, movie … I am hitting a type of breaking point that I want to break. I really want it back. Really, I do. My composure, my peace of mind, is somewhat gone.

(No, I’m not breaking things. Just my mental composure.)

I am going to have to take a nap, and figure out what to do next. Because I don’t have my phone, and I really want it.


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