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In Techno-logy on 7 April 2011 at 5:10 pm

I have an insanely annoying habit of nagging. Specifically, if I come across a link to an article, or a blog post, or something that might interest you, something that has the slightest semblance of you, I have to send it to you. Now.

While this isn’t really the most annoying habit – I’m sure there are worse – what bothers me about it is that I lost the thought behind communication. In these exchanges, I have become somewhat machinated – a google alert for what reminds me of you, within my collective memory. If it exists, you need to know about it.

In doing this, what I’ve lost is both the art of pausing, and of patience. Before I know it, I’ve hit send, instead of carefully monitoring what I send, and how they will receive it. Perhaps it should be sent, but it would be nicer to add a courtesy preface. On the other hand, perhaps I need to follow up more with people, rather than just sending them links. Maybe quality time would be the more loving form of communication?

Patience, too, is my downfall. Technology has afforded me the opportunity to reach people at an instant. Unfortunately, most of my random, irrelevant thoughts are not worth the go-go gadget automatic reach. What I have lost is the patience and the work ethic behind well-thought, carefully crafted messages – messages with a  purpose. (Read any of my writing and you will be able to follow the meandering pattern of plot I hold so dearly … if only it were worth that platform.)

This is what I noticed most from my phone fast – I noticed that all of those small, momentary messages I wanted to send to people were forgotten, or remembered and sent later. It’s the time editorial: if you give it a minute, just a moment’s thought, you find that perhaps people don’t need to be bombarded with your every thought. The beauty of this is that instead of pummeling them with reel of bullets, you give yourself the time to figure out exactly what you need to say, and even what they need to hear.


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