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In Techno-logy on 7 April 2011 at 9:53 am

I finished the phone fast in full, with help from my roommate who took my phone with her in her purse, and didn’t return home until 1:30 AM this morning.

I finished the phone fast because I was forced to.

Let me add – I did not detox from facebook or e-mail (detoxing from e-mail would actually be more challenging for me). However, since I was away from unrestricted Internet access for the bulk of the day, I was still somewhat disconnected from all of my “online identities.” [I am such a nerd!]


Throughout the day, it was incredibly calming to be without a phone. I took an easy route, knowing that essentially I wouldn’t need to be reached by anyone. But waking up and not checking the cell phone was nice … I mean, who messages you while you are sleeping that you actually need to get in touch with? Probably no one.

My general problem – feeling anxious after constantly reaching for my phone to check for a message -was solved. Not having my phone was completely freeing. I felt more engaged in my day, and channelled my energy into other outlets, like reading more closely, working harder, and writing. I was actually more interested in talking to the people around me, and anticipated seeing people later in the day, knowing that I couldn’t reach them by phone.

The best part was the calming, free feeling. Completely zen.

As for the bad things, I tempered some of my withdrawl by thinking about what would be waiting for me when I got my phone back. I actually figured it would be a day of not having any messages waiting for me (after so much anticipation), but in the end I was pleased to see that some people had reached out to me. It’s always nice to feel like you’re needed.

I did have a brief moment of panic at about 6:00 PM, when I got home from work (you can read my little rant here). I was feeling like I needed to be connected to what other people were doing – or I needed to respond to the person who might have texted me at 9:00 AM that morning. Silly thoughts, yes. After looking for my phone in my roommates room (to no avail), I tempered this by taking a lengthy, uninterrupted nap.

Following that I followed my online outlets a bit more closely than normal, compensating for not having my phone.

Anyway, I got my phone back. It is wonderful. I feel less obsessed, but incredibly glad to be connected.

Do you need a detox? Check out this lovely chart to see how over-connected you are.


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