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In writing on 15 April 2011 at 11:54 pm

This is not a writing that solves anything; it simply opens a rupture, cracks the mirror soil can reflect the heart-breaking reality of humanity.

Geoffrey Sirc, “Godless Composition, Tormented Writing”

Writers understand, maybe more than anyone, the limitless frustration that comes with trying to create the idea, trying to represent the rhythm, the feeling that lingers inside.

And with so many deterrents–audiences, apathy, lack of work ethic, rules of grammar, kitschy-ness–it seems that writing, or any medium in which you try to represent that lingering reality that occurs to you ¬†(that gut story that you want to write), becomes impossible. Amidst sentence structures and differing voices, we’re so often unable to speak.

How to achieve success? Sirc offers an alternate; speaking of composition as a whole, he says that rather than success, we need to be imperfected: “You could not become the mirror of a heart-rending reality if you did not have to be broken.”

I can’t say exactly what Sirc meant by those words; generally he’s talking about composition as a model, built on rules and “formulae”; but what I sense is that in writing, and in life, he’s telling us to reach. There are so many possibilities, that there is no way we will ever be able to obtain, to achieve one. Instead, Sirc suggests trying, but not in ethic alone. The “goal,” maybe, is in the exploration of limitless, exceptional impossibility (one day), and until then, all the mundane, boring possibilities that lie between.


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