writing marathon | MEmorial

In MEmorial on 30 April 2011 at 8:46 pm

blogging my lack of productivity and failure at getting things done

Time to finish the thesis. Time to get her done.

Since I love a good time-waster, but hate the excessive social media poster, I will be featuring my paper play-by-play, right here, tonight, on this here lonely blog.

(And with hope, no one will ever know, despite its being on the Internet.)

So here we go.

30 April // 21:43 Time to start. I mean, I’ve had more than plenty of time – a whole semester actually – but it’s come to the wire and it’s time for me to go. My room is sparkling clean and my desk is clear, except for my lovely thesis folder and lovely pile of books. Pulling out the outline and working on the re-write.

Words: 0
Quality: n/a
Feeling: wishing I could think of something else to do  

30 April // 22:33 Clarity of thought; wrote a good intro; know what I need to do. But now I’m bored and would like to a) do something else b) go to bed. Meandered around on Facebook, reading about the oxford comma, you know, the good stuff.

Words: 264
Quality: decent
Feeling: twiddling my thumbs 

1 May // 00:04 Gave up about an hour ago. Wrote some thank you notes. Trying to think of things to do that are productive, besides doing this more awful than awful paper. Going to study for my Monday final instead. How have I come to this pathetic point?

Words: 264
Quality: needs more
Feeling: looking for other worthwhile things to do 


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