4 | Tuscaloosa

In Tuscaloosa on 18 August 2011 at 2:23 pm

I live in Alabama.

I moved! To Alabama. Hello, Sweet T!! [lit: Tuscaloosa]

Here’s to college-town living and grad-student life.

So far, all this means is eating Ramen noodles (waiting for FAFSA) & watching Gilmore Girls season 1 in a 3-day span. Sounds special, aye?

Snap Judgement: It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. It’s funny how you come to like cities because of the places you go; I was dreading living in a smaller town because of the place-deficit, but so far I’m realizing that even in small towns, there are places to go and things to do. What was I thinking? It’s not like you can be in two places at once.

This weekend means moving (sweating) and weddings (!!) (cleaning up). Looking forward to living in my own apartment with zero furniture. Next week means official grad school beginnings (interaction with other humans).

Here’s a list of fun things that happen when you move to a new place:
1. Having to GPS everything you want to do (e.g., the grocery store).
2. Not knowing any other humans (and consequently being too nice to the baristas at SBUX).
3. Having to preoccupy your awkward self (what to do when you have nothing to do?).
4. Getting dressed (you never know who you might meet!) and then realizing you know no one.
5. Entertaining the idea that when all of this passes, you’ll laugh at yourself and remember these odd times [fingers crossed].


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