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In Butterflies about, MEmorial on 26 December 2010 at 2:34 am

The MEmorial is a hybrid: a composite of text and image, it combines features of the topical essay and the vernacular shrines that in recent years have become a common folk response to the disasters that befall a community. (Electronic Monuments xiv)

Let’s be real: what have I gotten myself into?

I have this fancy thesis idea, for a book I haven’t even read, and a schedule without time to fit it into.

But as I go into this semester, applying for graduate schools and working though my thesis, I need a new place to flesh out my thoughts, my interests, and my ideas. What better place than a blog? It’s the new (cheaper) notebook. With a thousand more ways to organize. Moleskine has nothing on CSS.

The thesis idea is this: evaluate the way the Gulf Oil Spill was received in an “electrate” society. How do we understand the world now that we are, to use Ulmer’s words, “netizens” in an imagined community? How are we supposed to use the Internet? How do we understand the world with the Internet?